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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wild Foods I Have Known...and Eaten

Join us on Sunday, May 5th at The KITCHEN at The Boston Public Market for a wild time! Russ Cohen, naturalist and wild foods enthusiast will be discussing the wonderful world of foraging. 

This presentation “Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten” includes sampling and will be followed by “Wild Flavors on Your Table” a cooking class incorporating a variety of Russ’s foraged bounty led by chef, cookbook author and James Beard award nominee Didi Emmons.

Growing up, Russ Cohen spent much of his free time in the woods cultivating a strong spiritual connection to nature. Russ' first formal exposure to edible wild plants occurred while a sophomore at Weston High School, where he enrolled in an "Edible Botany" mini-course offered by the high school biology department. Russ added edible wild mushrooms to his teaching repertoire in 1989 after returning home from a trip to the Soviet Union, where he caught the mushroom hunting bug from the Russians. 

Russ has a mission beyond just teaching people about foraging. He wants you to get outside and explore! You can add a whole other dimension to being outdoors by learning what you can nibble on in your surroundings. There’s a perception that foraging only takes place way out in the woods and is only done as a last resource when sustenance is needed. Russ wants you to know that’s not true. Foraging can happen as close as your own back yard or the empty lot across the street.  And who knew that weeds could be so delicious as a daily addition to you diet? Invasive species are considered a nuisance, but the silver lining is that they are abundant and harvesting them leaves no ecological impact. Russ also encourages foragers to develop relationships with and support local and organic farms as they provide wonderful opportunities for foraging.

Some of Russ’ favorite plants to forage for are Dame’s Rocket, which is in the mustard family and related to arugula, Stinging Nettle and flowers of the Black Locust. Did you know you can even eat daisies?  One of  Russ’ favorite recipes is Burdock Bloom Stalk Bake which is a delicious forager’s version of Hot Artichoke Dip. You can find that recipe here:

Want to join us for this wild experience? You can register for “Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten” here 

Register for the cooking class “From Forage to Finish: Wild Flavors on Your Table” here:: 

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