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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Crunchy Peanut Coleslaw

A couple of weeks ago Chef Vanessa from Project Bread made a flavorful Asian inspired coleslaw which we wanted to re-share.  It will make the perfect side dish to any meal incorporating asian flavors PLUS it is mayo-less, meaning it can be packed up and survive without refrigeration for summer picnics.  

We made a few adaptations based on what we had in our pantry; the substitutions were in the same flavor profile which we encourage you to try when you’re out of recipe ingredients. Apple cider vinegar was replaced with lime juice (acid) and we used molasses instead of dark brown sugar.  A splash of Sriracha was added for some heat! The dressing was whisked together in a bowl, make sure to incorporate everything together since the peanut butter is thick.  
File_003.jpeg File_002.jpeg

To save time, we used a bag of cabbage that was pre- shredded, then chopped some pepper and scallions to add in.  The recipe also calls for cucumbers, we just didn’t have any on hand.  Bean sprouts could also make a great addition to this!


Once the salad is all mixed together, add the dressing and mix well.  You may think there isn’t enough dressing, but keep mixing! You want it to lightly coat your cabbage/veggies not drown it.  Dry roasted peanuts make a great topping but keep them separate and top right before serving so they don’t loose their crunch.  Sesame seeds could also make a great topping to experiment with.  


The original recipe is as follows:


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